Guests to Engage in Yoga Renewal and Cultural Exchange

  • Sababu Safaris Yoga & Healing Retreat to be held November 9-16, 2019
  • Guests contribute to social projects while on retreat
  • Professional yoga instruction

New York, NY – July 9, 2019 — Today, Sababu Safaris, a boutique safari company that customizes the African experience for travelers to Tanzania, is pleased to announce that it is offering a Yoga & Safari Healing Retreat in Tanzania, November 9-16, 2019. In addition, it has just added private yoga safari retreats upon request. The retreats include daily yoga sessions and meditation.
At the same time, guests will explore the country’s breathtaking lands and wildlife, and immerse themselves in all manner of local culture in a purposeful way, which ranges from time at a school to giving the gift of light to remote villages. This special combination of personal yoga and social giving is an expression of the fundamental philosophy of Sababu Safaris—traveling in an intentional and meaningful way can transform lives and create lasting change in the world.
“In a world seeking connections but pressured for time, finding the space to connect with oneself at a yoga and safari healing retreat can create lasting bonds across continents,” said Denise Brown, co-founder of Sababu Safaris. “Tanzania is a truly special refuge for mindfulness and deep reflection.”
Both group and individual retreats will be led by Tanzanian resident and professional yoga teacher Marissa Lipovsky. The practice of yoga in Tanzania’s Great Plains is an immersive experience. Daily practices are aimed at expanding awareness, awakening one’s true nature, and thus healing wounds. Meals are cultivated from the fertile land of the Kilimanjaro region. Time is also taken away from yoga to mindfully engage with the community—not consuming their culture—but learning deeply what it means to live there.
“We will experience travel in a completely different way,” said Lipovsky. “We will do so from a fully embodied perspective as our reflective practices will clear the lens through which we see the world and ourselves. It will bring visitors to a place of true understanding, a deep peace with which they can return to their home countries.”
Sababu Safaris’ wellness adventures embed the wisdom of the Maasai elders whose lineage includes some of the region’s most important healing traditions. The Maasai have a deep and cultural knowledge of natural medicines and remedies and will show participants how herbs are prepared and administered.
For media interviews and additional information, contact:
  • Denise Brown, Co-Founder,, (914) 207-4426
  • Linda Purpura, Publicist,, (646) 470-1690
  • About Us
    Sababu Safaris is an owner-run boutique safari operator committed to creating unique journeys to Tanzania that change hearts and minds, and leave a long-lasting impact on both guests and local communities alike. The company even gives guests the opportunity to make a difference themselves. All safari itineraries are crafted and tailored to the guests’ individual travel style, preferences and interests. Their all-inclusive, private, transformational luxury safaris take guests deep into the isolated wilderness and connect them with the people that call Tanzania home.
    For more information about Sababu Safaris’ group and individual Yoga & Safari retreats, visit

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