President Emmerson Mnangagwa Hails Value For Money Audit to Stamp Out Corruption And Lift The Economy.

By Nevson Mpofu

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa (File,AFP)
Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa (File,AFP)

Zimbabwe has lost millions of dollars through elicit deals encapsulated in corruption. The millions were lost through money laundering, tax , fraud , economic crimes , sabotage , nepotism , siphoning s and sundry malfesance activities .

President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his speech at the Public Sector Audit in Harare today bares all that the previous Government’s ways of misadministration must not be repeated. He reiterates of stringent measures, aggrieve policies, public reform measures to eliminate mismanagement. He added that this needs diligence, integrity and professionalism to reach a stage where-by the country faces new era.

‘’Let us reach a stage in an era of accountability, transparency   , credibility and fairness on issues related to auditing taken as it is for fairness. Auditors must strive to bring facts as they are on grounds. The worst we need to eliminate is corruption. We need to do this through putting in place strict lesseningf measures. We need to in order to trump all activities of corruption ‘’

‘’There are strategies we need to put in place to trash out all forms of corruption . These range from money laundering , bribery , poaching , smuggling , fraud , sabotage and all forms of economic fraud in the country .

The President also expounded that the need to protect national assets is everyone’s responsibility. These assets, he said are our wealth which is the provision of the future generations in our midst. This, he also rose up is possible through a corruption free Business Leaders of our country in the Government, in the corporate world and in parastatals .

‘’Protection of our assets needs professional ethics, un-corrupt minds, lasting performance with dedication and commitments. This mustn’t only be addressed by Laws, but its an onus in us to remain vigilant to corrupt activities.

‘’In other words it is our mandate to eliminate total corruption by 2030’’. This again must come up with value of money audit. This must look at the outcome of a competitive Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness in terms of delivery .‘’ Our goal is make Zimbabwe a middle Income Economy with a Growth per/capita of US 7000 by 2030.

Nyasha Magadza Deputy Director of the Auditor General’s Office said it is important to unlock value of audit to open Zimbabwe for sustainable Business. Clean Audit is what we want to see. This makes us achieve Economic Growth

‘’Clean audits must be everywhere. They are more important in our areas of interest in parastatals and state enterprises. In other words financial statements are subject to clean audit. This is in line with section 309 of the constitution.       This looks at financial accountability for the better of the public. The gain is economic growth and development.

‘’On top of it , performance and special audit is important for parliament to have checks up for accountability as alluded in section 209 of the constitution . This credibility move calls for us Investors. Thus only how we see the extractive industry rising up and employing the public ‘’ , she said .

Defence Minister Opphar Muchinguri sounded on the Environment issues which without is a challenge. She said a sustainable Economy is only there in the work of auditing where there is compliance in terms of the legislation. One of the act is the Public Procurement and disposal of Assets Act.

She said the act is important to safe guard the economy’s assets, give security and protect wealth of the country in accountability and transparency. In her words she voices that corruption comes with procurement of inputs and staff recruitments. The audit must as well focuses on the Environment looking at waste management, forests and wetlands.


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