Disgruntled Cadres Accuse ZANU PF of Human Rights Violations At Motlanthe Commission

By Nevson Mpofu

Kgalema Motlanthe and his commission at work
Kgalema Motlanthe and his commission at work

The Kgalema Motlanthe led Commission of Inquiry in its consented effort to bring out findings about the 1 August killing is in a bizarre situation at hand. This  emerged on 21 November at a case hearing session held in Harare .

Two bold and fearless former ZANU PF supporters who got sacked with the coming in of the new Government have swept off the dirty under the carpet. The two, Jim Kunaka who was leader of ZANU PF Chipangano and Provincial Youth Leader and Shadreck Mashayamombe were sacked out of the new Government because they belonged to G-40 a faction that belonged to ZANU PF Robert Mugabe. Shadreck Mashayamombe is the former Harare South Legislator.

In a hearing chaired by Motlanthe , Chairperson of the Commission , the testifying two implicated  men Jim Kunaka and Shadreck Mashayamombe braved the truth in respect to what transpired . In his defence , the first respondent quoted by Journalist inquisitive to know what really caught attention of the crowd bare all in what really took place  .

In his defence, Jim Kunaka who was implicated in the killing said ZANU PF has a long history pertaining to impunity, killings, abuses and torture to remain in power. He however pointed out that, a lot of the abuses, a few to be said were done during Robert Mugabe era. Jim pointed fingers at Charity Manyeruke whom he said worked with him in many acts of impunity. They spent time working out on how to badly treat MDC supporters from 2008 until a time she got a new position.

‘’I do not want to be asked questions by Charity Manyeruke . She was part of us during many occasions when we abused the rights of MDC supporters. She led us into activities some of which I can’t say . However I can go deep if allowed to , Do I have to ?

‘’I do not fear to say nor do I feel insecure to say out what happened during the time several human rights abuses happened. The lady was part and parcel of the act. Before her , ZANU PF was already instrumental in strategizing how to ill-treat , assassinate and do all sorts of abuses , physically and emotionally .’’

The simple bold and hard words tells more about what really transpired during the 2008 election campaign and beyond. This leaves Robert Mugabe not Mnangagwa answerable. Taking a hard stern snarl of a bare all in the case Shadreck Mashayamombe testified the rigorous tyranny campaign , strategies and antics the Party , ZANU PF took . In close to tears eroding his cheeks he pointed out that people in the party had that tactical antics done to remain in power.

‘’The point is that the Party strategizes tactics to defend the Revolutionary party to iron fist rule. I have gone under tremendous and horrendous experiences. I at this moment know but I cannot further dig down’’,

‘’Party leaders in the party are cruel, volatile and merciless. I used to blame MDC-T  , but hey , its terrible . These power greedy people have made us vagabonds and they have made us languish in our own country.’’ he said in tears at the last utter of his words.

The testimonies of the two drew back people to the past of the ruling party’s cruelty during the time of Robert Mugabe. The voices of truth spared out the current President whom many said mighty be quite out of some issues of cruelty as compared to Mugabe .  There are assassinations and killings .These could be the Gukurahundi massacre which left 20 000 people dead in Matebeleland .

Falling head on with JapaJapa an MDC philanthropist, he in persistence called the Commission of Inquiry to get deep down into the matter by starting a witch hunt of the soldier who bent down at the killing scene. However, Army General Valerio Sibanda claims to be clean. He said by the time the incident occurred, Army was almost about to visit the scene where the riot in political collective action was.

Dirty fingers are repeatedly pointed out to Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti who are suspected to have orchestrated the vitiated plan to kill. The thorny mountain question then linger in the vibrant air. Japajapa asks questions

‘’Let us man hunt the soldier who was seen kneeling down firing gun shots at the crowd. Why do we have to go round and round yet the video can play?

‘’How could MDC-T claim its own blood. Let us work out on real evidence rather than criss- cross like this. This is just worst of time and precious resources. ZNU PF  is notorious for anything . Why hide the truth .’’

Economic Analysts fear the country may get into oblivion of deep dark shadows if this continues unvisited. They are talking of visible accountability, transparency and pure credibility. The state of the 1 August shooting scared away potential Investors Mnangagwa had sourced from countries like China , Russia , Turkey and a few countries to name a few in this respect .

The Zimbabwe issue is tough, Experts in Business have concluded. Political Analysts blame it on Two political parties, ZANU PF and MDC T . The root of all the evil is centred on the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe who ruled for 37 years with an iron fist . At the same time, some people cry foul over the actions and words of Nelson Chamisa who lost the recent Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Emmersson Mnangagwa took it for a heavy campaign. He won the elections which MDCT disputed.  He failed to produce tangible evidence that the election was stolen by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and ZANU PF .


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