Proflight Zambia to ply Harare route

By Wallace Mawire

Proflight Zambia is launching its third international route after announcing that a new service between Lusaka and the Zimbabwean capital of Harare will be up and running from July, 2018.

According to a spokesperson, the Lusaka-Harare route will not only boost trade and tourism between Zambia and Zimbabwe, but also throughout the entire southern and central African region.  The airline’s director of government and industry affairs, Captain Philip Lemba, said: “Proflight is very happy and proud to launch the Lusaka-Harare route to provide easier access to travelers across southern African states.”

“Proflight introducing a new route will help build up tourism and business ties between Zambians and Zimbabweans.”“Air transport provides important economic contributions to economies.Through its impact on industries, it facilitates economic and development growth. Proflight continues to help countries participate in the global market by increasing access to main markets and allowing the globalisation of production.”

Captain Lemba further explained that trade between nations is heavily reliant on air transport because it is a fast means of connection. Proflight remains a vital link for trade because it provides  opportunities for businesses to import or export goods and services.

“These are of economic value to countries,” Captain  Lemba added. “The relationship between Zambian and Zimbabwean trade is very important to Proflight.”

The airline confirmed that flights between the Zimbabwean and Zambian capitals will be operational with the initial flight on July 9, 2018. Although this route is well served by International Airlines,Proflight will commence with an early morning service four times per week. The early morning service time will be convenient for the business travelers.

   Proflight aims to promote trade and human mobility between the two capitals. Proflight currently flies from its base in Lusaka through regional routes to Lilongwe in Malawi, Durban in South Africa and is adding Harare in Zimbabwe as its third route.Lusaka is about 248 miles flying distance from Harare and this journey only takes about 60 minutes by air. The trip by road takes more than seven hours.Proflight’s Lusaka-Harare route will increase economic trade and development for various industries for both Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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