The Mohammed IV Museum for Water Civilization in Marrakech – AMAN – will host the second edition of “African Women in Agriculture Congress” (AWA) May 8th to 10th, 2018.

AWA Congress is an initiative of Believe in Africa which vision is to create opportunities for the less privileged. Believe in Africa is, therefore, inviting the world to converge to Morocco to discuss the role of African Women in agriculture, improve their living conditions and help them get the support they need.

The second edition of the AWA Congress will be co-chaired by Her Excellence Aissata Issoufou, First Lady of Republic of Niger joined by Her Excellence Hilda Deby Itno, First Lady of the Republic of Chad, Mrs Nadira El Guermai, Governor National coordinator of the National Human Development Initiative (INDH) , H.E. Fatoumata Tambajang, Vice President of the Republic of Gambia, H.E. Khoudia MBAYE, Minister of Investment Promotion, Partnerships and Teleservices of Senegal. The high level dialogue aims at creating a network of stakeholders dedicated to ensuring the effective empowerment of African women in agriculture helping them feed the continent and the world.


During two days, worldwide recognized personalities such as:

  • Mr. Jean Pierre Senghor, National Executive SecretaryFood Security Council, Senegal
  • Mrs. Maria Mulindi, Chief of Staff, Président of the African Development Bank, Kenya
  • Mrs Lissar Mbang Ekoutou, Vice Président,  de la Chambre d’Agriculture, de l’Elevage, des Pêches et des Forêts of Cameroon (CAPEF)
  • Amb. Sidahmed Alphadi, Unesco Arstist for Peace, Niger
  • Dr. Wanida Lewis, Foreign Affairs Officer, State Department, Office of Agriculture Policy, USA
  • Mrs. Brabrahim Nadia, President, Federation Interprofessionnelle de l’heliciculture, Morroco
  • Mrs. Ada Osakwe, Chief Executive Officer, Agrolay, ADB Youth Advisory Council, Nigeria
  • Mrs. Lucy Muchoki,Chief Executive Officer, Pan African Agribusiness Consortium, (PanAAC) – Kenya
  • Mme Olga Johnson, Managing Director, Energies for Africa, Benin
  • Mrs. Rahama Wright, Founder et CEO, Shea Yeleen, US, Member of US Advisor Council on doing Business in Africa, USA
  • Pr. Zoubida Charrouf, University Mohammed V, Morocco
  • Mrs. Carole Robert, Foundation Biotechnologie pour le Développement Durable en Afrique (BDA), Canada
  • Patrick Andre, Founder, BOTANICOSM’ETHIC, France
  • Mrs Karima El Kmiti, Managing Director, Qualavi , Morroco

among others will take the stand to share their experience in agriculture and provide solutions for the betterment of African women in agriculture.

For more informations, contact us at

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