Ghana: How I Got to Johns Hopkins – First Ghanaian Neurosurgeon Resident

Photo: The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Nancy Abu-Bonserah (file photo).
Photo: The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Nancy Abu-Bonserah (file photo).

Nancy Abu-Bonserah, the first Ghanaian and only black female to gain admission to Johns Hopkins University to read neurosurgery has revealed that her self-driven passion to achieve more propelled her to where she is now.

Speaking in an interview on GH0ne said motivation from the people around her also contributed to her achievement as her passion has always been to study medicine.

“At every stage in that stage I was interested in medicine. When I went to college I kept that dream going. I did a lot of research, I did a lot of shadowing to see what doctors do and to see if I will still have the interested in doing the same things. I went to John Hopkins to do my medical training and it confirmed my desire to be a part of the medical profession. Neurosurgery came in a little later,” Nancy Abu-Bonserah revealed.

Nancy Abu-Bonserah is a young Ghanaian who found herself in the United States at the age 15 because her father was transferred there for work.

She attended Hanan School in Madina and continued to the Herman High School in the United States for her High School education and then furthered on to the university.

She has been living in Maryland, US for the past 11 years and hopes to give back to her society after her training when she gets the opportunity and the means.

 “I hope to go back to Ghana over the course of my career to help in building sustainable surgical infrastructure,” she said.

“I want to be remembered for serving my community, whether it is through providing quality surgical care or helping mentor the next generation of surgeons”.

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She is the first Black female to be granted the opportunity to be a resident at the Johns Hopkins’ Neurosurgical department which only admits 2-5 residents.

Nancy Abu-Bonserah is expected to train as a resident neurosurgeon at John Hopkins for next 7years


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