Trevor Noah Compares Donald Trump To South Africa President Jacob Zuma

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downloadWhile other late-night hosts competed to come up with the best Steve Bannon joke, and former-POTUS-candidate-Ben-Carson-says-he’s-not-qualified-for-cabinet-post gag, Trevor Noah took a different path last night, comparing our POTUS-Elect Donald Trump to populist South African leader Jacob Zuma. Among the similarities, Noah explained: financial conflicts of interest, threats to jail rivals, lashing out at media.

Studying South Africa is, in fact, the best way to prepare for a Donald Trump presidency, the South African native warned The Daily Show viewers.

Making his case, Noah said that, until a few years ago, South Africa’s economy was “humming and the country was celebrating its first black president.” In the last few years, he said, the economy has stalled, unemployment spiked “and government corruption is rampant.”  That’s because South African voters “decided to shake things up and elected a charismatic anti-establishment president,” who turned the country “from a rising power into a troubled state.”

Trump and Zuma “seem like they’re brothers from another mother,” he concluded.


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