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  • Africa: The Knotty Politics of African Women's Hair
    [The Conversation Africa] Hair is a crucial part of a woman’s body image. It has aesthetic, social, psychological, cultural and religious significance in all human societies. There are points of variation which can be gleaned from individual women’s attitudes towards hairstyle. Victoria Sherrow, in her Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History, describes these variations as a function of a person’s personal beliefs, status, age, ge
  • South Africa: Why Economic Freedom Is Proving to Be Ruling Party's Undoing
    [The Conversation Africa] The conventional interpretation of economic freedom in the Western world refers to the freedom individuals have to work, produce, consume and invest in an economy. But in South Africa it is interpreted as the material security of people.
  • Kenya: Kenya's Emerging Middle Class Wealthier Than U.S., British Counterparts – Report
    [Nation] Kenya’s emerging middle class is wealthier than peers in the developed economies such as Britain and the United States, a new report shows.
  • Africa: African Civil Society Under Threat, Warns Mary Robinson
    [allAfrica] The decline of human rights on average across Africa is worrying Mary Robinson, the former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and now a special envoy on climate change for the UN Secretary-General. Discussing this year’s Ibrahim Index of African Governance, she also underlined the need for more data on climate change. She spoke to AllAfrica from London after the launch of the 2015 index this week.
  • Kenya: El Niño Rains Now Here, City Residents Told
    [Nation] Nairobi residents have been told to watch for El Niño rains from Thursday.
  • Kenya: Nairobi Road Named After Tanzanian President
    [The Star] Nairobi has named a road next to State House after Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.
  • Nigeria: IMF Cuts Forecast for Nigeria, Others
    [Daily Trust] The International Monetary Fund (IMF) yesterday downgraded its forecast for global economic growth for this year and 2016, especially for Nigeria and some other emerging economies.
  • Nigeria: Charles Okah Attempts Suicide in Court
    [Premium Times] Security operatives attached to Justice Gabriel Kolawole at the Federal High Court, Abuja, on Tuesday prevented Charles Okah, the alleged mastermind of the 2010 Independence Day bombing, from committing suicide in court.
  • Nigeria: Will New Code Clean Up Financial Corruption?
    [Africa In Fact] The Nigerian Stock Exchange won plaudits last November for launching a new set of rules designed to curb corporate misdeeds and reform a market weakened by years of corruption and poor oversight.

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