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  • Nigeria: Withdraw Cops From VIPs, Buhari Tells IG
    [Daily Trust] President Muhammadu Buhari has directed the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Solomon Arise to scale down the number of policemen attached to dignitaries.
  • Uganda: Answer Queries On Crime Preventers
    [Monitor] Government should quieten fears among Ugandans about enlisting jobless youth as crime preventers. A clear explanation by government should help answer queries and sort out the distrustful and negative perceptions about the current wave of recruiting crime preventers ahead of the 2016 general election. More worrisome is that a recent report says the 2016 election is anticipated to be more chaotic.
  • Angola: National Police Covers Up the Kidnapping of Activists
    [Maka] Eight of the nine demonstrators detained by the Angolan National Police on 29 July were seized again immediately after the police authorities had set them free, and held for a day with their whereabouts unknown.
  • Morocco: The Hassan II Mosque, 22 Years On
    [Moroccan American Center] This month marks the twenty-second anniversary of the completion of the second largest mosque in the world, the Hassan II Mosque. Located in Casablanca, it is considered one of King Hassan II’s crowning achievements.
  • South Africa: Marikana Changed My Life – Rehad Desai, Storyteller Activist
    [The Journalist] Miners Shot Down. Rehad Desai talks to The Journalist
  • Africa: Fragmented Music Business Starts the Online Journey
    [Digital Content Africa] Almost every African country has a music industry but it’s usually fragmented, low profile and not very professional. Online is changing some of these disadvantages by offering ways of raising the profile and getting musicians live work. It won’t transform things by next Monday but may in the longer term. Russell Southwood spoke to two of the new players in Uganda, Feza and HiPipo.
  • South Africa: Lessons That Can Be Learnt From Dockworkers Who Helped Bring Apartheid to Its Knees
    [The Conversation Africa] Today’s complex global economy has brought new forms of worker exploitation. And globalisation has made workers ever-more precarious. For example, factory workers in Bangladesh toil long days in buildings that could very possibly collapse and kill them. Foreign guest workers in the Arab Gulf have no legal protections from physical abuse.
  • Kenya: New Hague Court Ruling Worries DP Ruto
    [The Star] A ruling by the ICC judges that admits testimony by hostile witnesses against Deputy President William Ruto could complicate his case.The DP’s legal and political teams are very concerned by this latest development. He has spoken to his lawyers about it and the likely consequences. The ruling was delivered late Wednesday and admitted into evidence the prior testimony of hostile witnesses in the ongoing crimes against humanity case at The Hague. According to Ruto’s allies, this has enhanced the prospects of
  • Africa: The Quest to Find Affordable and Sustainable Sanitation Solutions for Africa
    [The Conversation Africa] Around 2.5 billion people in developing countries do not have access to basic sanitation. This is the cause of some of the biggest environmental and health problems facing people living in poor communities, including water pollution and the transmission of diseases and infections.

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