Cameroon Entertainment Awards will Reflect Culture At Its Best

-Six questions to Gospel Artist Maybelle Boma on the CEA

PAV: May we know what the Cameroon Entertainment awards are all about and what pushed you into taking the initiative?

Maybelle Boma: Our reason for initiating the very first Cameroon entertainment is because  of the love we have for our country and her hyper talented artists  but most importantly the richly diverse and enviable culture we have which has always been a  reference in  Africa. There is no other way  to demonstrate that love than by  recognizing our own talents and rewarding them. It is not for nothing that Cameroon is referred to as Africa in miniature. The awards will be a reflection of Cameroon and African culture at its best.

PAV: Who are the brains behind the awards and is this onetime event or you have plans to continue with the event in future?

Maybelle Boma: We have a team comprising myself Maybelle Boma an entertainer with a gospel ministry and Anne Etape and other s working behind the scenes to make the event the huge success we expect. CEA will be an annual event. We can only build our own entertainment industry by putting our artist, actors, actresses, producers, designers and many others to work. Once they know including myself that hard work pays, we will start producing quality works which will be highly marketable abroad. Take a look at Nigeria and Ghana. Remember music started in Cameroon

PAV: So what will be on the menu for the public on that day, what should people who decide to come for the event expect to see at the awards?

Maybelle Boma: It will reflect diverse aspects of Cameroonian culture from artists to actors, sports men and what have you. The awards will show what Cameroonians are capable of doing and  at our best. We are not in competition with anyone, we are just trying to establish and create room for more advancement in our entertainment industry. There will be lots of performances and the public should expect to get nothing but the absolute best of our beautiful and extremely rich culture.

PAV: May we have an idea of some the high profile guests who have confirmed their participation at the event?

Maybelle Boma: In attendance will be high profile sports men, members of the diplomatic corps who have confirmed their participation, some of the biggest Cameroon names in music. It will be a full house, it will be fun filled, and we look forward to a memorable event.

PAV: How much are the tickets and can people procure them now or they have to wait till the day of the event?

Maybelle Boma: The tickets are going for $50 now but if you wait to buy it on that day, it will be $100. You can buy it from ticket master or call  301-547-1430/240-274-5674.

PAV: You are known to be rising star in gospel music, why did you settle on gospel music and how has your career been so far?

Maybelle: I had a near death experience and during my  stay in the ICU, I had a revelation from God about doing ministry work. It was a battle  I fought but   now, I know why  I was called. I just release my second album called “mighty God” and currently working on the third one.

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